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                       Shell veneers
Japanese Awabi A & B
Black abalone
Black MOP A & B
Donkey ear abalone
Greenlip abalone
Green abalone dark
Green abalone heart
Green abalone rippled
Green Turban
Gold MOP
Gold MOP mosaic
Paua dark
Paua heart
Red abalone
Red abalone heart
White MOP
White MOP strip
White MOP mosaic
Pink abalone
Pink abalone heart
Korean Awabi
Green Snail
Awabi strip
Fresh water pear
Paua rim
Paua "B"
Paua light
Green abalone light
Brownlip MOP

Product description

Shell veneers are made from thinly sliced pieces of shell nacre glued together  flatened to form continuous sheets.
Standard size -    Length - 240mm,    Width  -  140mm,    Thickness   -   0.1mm-0.15mm - 0.004" - 0.005" .

This material is mainly used for overlay, where it is fixed directly onto the surface and finishing coat is then built up to level.
It lends it self to many applications including architectural, signwriting, furniture making, musical instruments, jewellery, fishing lures and many more.
Some of  the characteristics include flexibility, it can be bent to a great degree especially when coated with flexible resin or spray system such as aliphatic Polyurethane.

Shell veneers can be cut  with a sharp knife or even scissors. When cut with scissors it is advisable to apply adhesive tape to top side which is removed when the material is fixed to surface, alternatively it can be coated with resin or spray.

Shell veneers can also be cut using various types of CNC cutting machines such as laser, water jet etc..

Very cost effective when compared with solid shell material.

Due to the very thin nature of this material it is advisable to colour coat back side of veneers as they have high level of transparency.

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