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Product description

Mother of Pearl wall          Bangkok wall

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Product Description
Mother of Pearl panels feature a layer of genuine Mother of Pearl fixed to a choice of substrates, determined by the nature of the project and final application. Main benefits include, large area that can be covered with single panel, easy installation, degree of flexibility. Used as wall panels, bench tops, furniture panels, shower corners, columns and more.

Substrate Types

-    MDF or HDF  panels in various thickness 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, Size -  maximum single panel size = 3,600mm x 1,500mm.  (Standard or Moisture resistant)
-    Plywood sheets in various thickness 3mm, 6mm, 12mm+ - maximum single sheet size 3,200mm x 1,200mm (Standard or Marine)
-    Blue board  thickness 6mm+ maximum single sheet size 3,200mm x 1,200mm  (Water resistant).
-    Acrylic sheet thickness 1mm to 16mm size 1220 x 2440mm
-    Other substrates are available on request.

Types of protective coating
-    UV stable aliphatic Polyurethane -  excellent chemical, UV, heat and moisture resistance.
-    Polymer resin    -    Water resistant, good chhemical, UV, heat resistance.

Product characteristics and installation

Mother of Pearl panel shell sections are made up of number of smaller shell pieces joined together to form continuous flow, however small joint lines will be visible to a varying degree depending on the type of shell selected.
Workability -   Panels can be further cut to size using conventional cutting methods - orbital saw, jig saw, band saw ensuring that blade is as sharp as possible.
Some of the thinner substrate material gives small degree of bending flexibility, should you require bend pieces please contact us for information.
Installation    -    Panels can be installed by any conventional method - glued with architectural adhesive, or fixed to split batons. Specific project installation i.e.; joining panels, corners, edges etc. further instructions are provided.

Available shell types (colours)

                                                Pacific Blue
  Pacific Blue dark

                                Pacific Blue light  
Pacific blue light 

Pacific Blue heart    
Pacific  Blue heart

                                 Pacific Blue 
Pacific Blue Arch

Strip abalone
Strip abalone

Awabi K

Black Mother of Pearl

                                                Fan Shell
Fan shell panel

                                            Gold Mother of Pearl
Gold Mother of Pearl panels

                                                      Pacific Green
Pacific Green panels

                                                Pacific Green (dark)
Pacific Green panels dark


                                                    Australian Green
Australian Green panels

                                                        Pacific Red heart
Pacific Red heart panels

                                                White Mother of Pearl
White Mother of Pearl panels

White Mother of Pearl  strip
White Mother of Pearl strip panels

                                            Green strip
Green Arch panels

                                                Pacific Pink
Pacific Pink panels

Note:    Picture samples for the above are approx. 0.7m x 0.5m

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